it’s raining now

it’s raining now.

and however, i still don’t understand why I make an account for this site. I’m not at posting some posts on blogs, actually. I prefer to write on my laptop and keep it for myself. But dang, I just made an account on this blog.

I’m going to Bali next week and I can’t wait for it. My friends and I are keep talking about it since last week. We talk about the things we should bring, things we want to do there, things we should buy. My class is full of excitement, every body keep smiling and laughing. I love this euphoria.

and the things that makes my friend and I can’t stop smiling is our performance on December 4th, two day before we leave for Bali. We are going to do traditional dance in order to fulfill our lecture. And to tell the truth, I am so excited about this performance. I’ve never danced before and after I learn about it then I realized that it is exciting..

can’t stop smiling. It makes me realized that my life is beautiful and I should stop whining and complaining. My life is too beautiful and it’s such a waste to spend my life with complains.

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